Designing a both is something trade participants look into. As much as possible, they want to have the best design so people would flock on their booth and get to know what they offer. But designing an exhibition booth can be tricky and demanding and you have to strike the right balance of design and function to make it work.


If you are setting up your booth soon, here are some things that you need to remember.


  1. Make it clean

Designing a booth is surely to pump up your adrenaline. Imaging having your vision turned into a reality. Most booth owners overdo their designs just to stand out from the crowd. But a cluttered design can also ward off potential buyers and prospective clients, unless your branding leans more on that aspect. Opt for a clean design that show your level of professionalism and being trustworthy. This would attract potential customers as they can sense that your company is trustworthy just by looking at your booth design.


  1. Make it interactive

Incorporating the latest technology would definitely give an edge to your booth. Most exhibition stand contractors in Dubai are already implementing on their fabrications and booth design. Putting a TV that plays a great AVP would definitely catch the attention of trade guests. Make sure that you used high-resolution photos and videos on your AVPs so it will not look pixelated on the screen.



  1. Make it fun

Aside from being interactive, you can also incorporate a sense of fun on your booth by adding a game. This would encourage people to visit your booth, especially if you are giving out prices. Just do not overdo it and be sure that the game is still related to your brand and what you are selling.


  1. Make the message clear

Sometimes, incorporating the fun on the booth design might overpower the message that you want to convey. Consult with exhibition stand builders Dubai experts on how you can make this happened. These contractors have years of experience on booth fabrication and installation and they would surely give you a good advice on how you can marry the two concepts.


  1. Make room for comfort

Your booth is also a place where you entertain potentials customers so make it as comfortable as possible. Do not forget to include a seating chair and a table so you can invite them to discuss what you are offering. Remember also that you have a team working for you so make room for them to sit and relax when they are on break. It wouldn’t hurt to offer refreshments as well.