Why Brand Activation Is Still A Relevant Marketing Strategy

A lot of marketing managers think that brand activation is dying industry. But the truth is, this marketing strategy is still thriving and brand activation companies are making ways to make it applicable on product and services promotion. If you want to know if this strategy is still relevant, then read on these reasons:

  1. Brings you closer to your customers

Online selling and social media marketing is a popular marketing strategy being done by most companies today. And for a good reason. This strategy is reeking with advantages. But the one disadvantage that this strategy has is the real connection. This is what brand activation can do. It connects the audience to the brand in a physical sense. The audience can see the product for themselves and ask the brand representative in person if they have any questions. Brand activation companies in Dubai always focus on being customer-centric rather than brand-centric which makes the campaign more engaging for the target audience.


  1. Reach a wide number of targeted audience

Social media can indeed reach tons of people in just one post or an ad which is good when building an audience or followers. However, there is also a chance that you would attract the wrong audience, especially if the targeting is off. With brand activation, targeting is carefully planned. Venues, products placements and other brand activation elements are placed on strategic locations where most of your target market resides or pass by.  An in-depth study of the brand and its target audience is done way before the activation is piloted, so you can be sure that the audience is spot on. There is a high chance for you to introduce and re-introduce your products to a targeted audience.


  1. Can be integrated with your online strategy

The good thing about on-ground brand activation is that you can incorporate them with your other marketing strategy and boost the performance of each strategy. For example, when staging an event, you are not just using your run-on-the-mill invitations to gather your audience. You can also use your company’s social media platforms to promote it to your followers and possibly gain some. In return, the event can be a very engaging content to attract potential customers or led and direct them for another level of buy-in like your email marketing and e-commerce site buys. Brand activation and ecommerce website development Dubai companies often work hand-in-hand to make this happen.


  1. Opportunity to make a sale on-site

One of the main advantages of brand activations is boosting your on-site sales. Since potential buyers can see the product in real time, accompanies with some convincing strategy, the chance of making a sale is high.