Mothers’ Guide on Preparing Your Little One For A Newborn Photoshoot

As parents, we always want to capture every single moment of our little one, even from the day they were born and their first few days with our family.  That is why we employ the help of newborn photography experts to capture the best shots of our newborn babies.

But certain preparations must be made to ensure that success of the photo shoot and for you to get the best shot of your little ones. Here are some preparation tips provided by newborn photography Dubai experts:

  • Let the baby settle in first


I know that you are pretty excited to capture your little one’s first few days. But you need to take it slow. Your baby and you went through an exhausting times (labour and delivery). Have your baby settled in first before scheduling a photo shoot. Do not worry that you will missed his newborn phase. The ideal time for a newborn photo shoot is two weeks after your little one’s delivery and can go up to three weeks. Take this time to rest and make other plans.


  • Pick the right outfit


When you start planning for your little one’s photo shoot, start looking for outfits. When picking a newborn photo shoot outfit, be sure not to overdress your baby. Newborn photography studios are often warm to make the babies comfortable. Overdressing them might make them feel a little hot. On most cases, babies are removed from their clothing and placed on a comfortable blanket.  Parents also need to dress comfortably during the shoot.


  • Collate for pegs


Newborn photographers suggest theme and concepts to their clients. But if you have something in mind, collate some references and send it to your photographer. Telling him what you want might just confuse him but a visual representation would help him create a new concept based on what you want. It would be best to send them at least a week before your scheduled photo shoot.


  • Bring a cuddle toy or a blanket


Cranky babies would sometimes need something familiar with them. To stop them from crying, be sure to put a cuddle toy or a sleeping blanket they used. The smell of these items would remind them of a familiar environment.


  • Take a much-needed rest


Although you not be supervising the shoot, you are expected to be there. So take a much needed rest the night before the shoot. Spend more time with your little one and give them some TLC the night before so they too can have a good night sleep.

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