Simple DIYs That Can Deter Pests From Invading Your Home This Summer

Insects and pests love the warm weather, which is why summer is their favorite season. The nice smell of barbeques and summer dishes are quite appealing to their senses. So to nix these pesky crawling creatures, you can do some of these DIY pest control hacks to make your summer free from pest infestation.



Cockroaches are one of the most common house pests that most homeowners encounter, but it doesn’t make them less intimidating. This insect can breed faster and infiltrate homes in no time. Which is why quashing them at sight is important. But you cannot quash every cockroach you see, as there might be thousands lurking in the dark confines of your home. The best cockroach control is to drive them away. Most homeowners would run for a bug spray when they see one. One thing that would deter their presence is to poison them with a mixture of baking soda and sugar in a small bowl of a milk jug.


Bed Bugs

One of the culprits of sleep deprivation is the bed bugs. These crawlers hide behind the seams of the bed making them unnoticeable in the naked eye. If the not prevented, they can cause more than sleep deprivation. They can pose health hazards like bedbug bites which can lead to skin infection. An effective approach to bed bugs control is by thoroughly vacuuming the beds, rugs, and carpets regularly. Be sure to clean up the clutter under your bed. Boxes under the bed can serve as the breeding ground for these crawlers.



Rodents are definitely one of the scariest pests homeowners can encounter. They come in different sizes and breed very fast. If this is not prevented, they can wreak havoc on one’s home causing infestation and illness. It can also significantly lower the value of a property. One of the keys to warding off these scary pests is to make the place clean at all times. Be sure that no food debris is left for these pests to infest. Store your food and other kitchen utensils in closed containers and spaces. It is also important to look for the breeding ground of these rodents and get rid of them before they get out of control.



Ants may seem harmless, but once they invade your kitchen and living spaces, they can cause trouble for you and your loved ones. Deterring ants can be tricky. But one way to ward them off is to whip up a homemade bait that they can take back to their nest or destroy the nest totally.